Artist: El_Txef_A 0f0c0
Title: We Walked Home Together – Remix Pack I
Label: Forbidden Colours
Remixers: Eduardo De La Calle, The Black Madonna, Lake People, Deep’a & Biri, Andres Aguirre
Cat. #: 0f0c0
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: March 10th 2015
1. Claim Of Planet Earth (Eduardo De La Calle Internal Shuffle Mix)
2. Claim Of Planet Earth (The Black Madonna’s Black Tulip Mix)
3. Every Day Is Blue Monday feat. Meggy (Lake People Remix)
4. Claim Of Planet Earth (Deep’a & Biri Remix)
5. The Love We Lost feat. Woolfy (Andres Aguirre Remix)

El_Txef_A launches his new label called Forbidden Colours with a remix package, sharing his vision of music through the eyes of other producers.
Eduardo De La Calle make a distinctive minimalistic remix, the Deep’a & Biri duo propose a stunning mental and melodic interpretation, while Andres Aguirre opted for a dancefloor oriented techno track, with reminiscent TR909 based drums.
The vinyl release will be limited to 200 copies and shops can order direct from

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