30drop presents “The Time of Cruel Miracles”, an album into advanced techno and drone sonorities: since the first track it’s evident the artist’ sonoric research, and the attempt to create something outside the common schemes. The overall sound is alienating and trippy, good for dark and alternative dancefloors.
The third vinyl is dedicated to four remixes made by Substance, Architectural, Rivet and Zero Mass.

30drop – March 17th 2017
A1 – Our Understanding
A2 – NGC1277
A3 – Captured Rotation
B1 – Approaching Lights
B2 – Gravity Zone
B3 – Goldene Spirale
C1 – Beyond Language
C2 – Standard Model
C3 – Future Teller
D1 – Superstring Theory
D2 – Stadt des Orion
D3 – The Mirror
E1 – Goldene Spirale (Substance Remix)
E2 – NGC1277 (Architectural Remix)
F1 – Stadt des Orion (Rivet Remix)
F2 – Superstring Theory (Zero Mass Remix)

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