30drop ‘Intrusion EP’

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DETUND-LTD06_30drop_CoverArtworkWebArtists: 30drop
Title: Intrusion EP
Label: Detroit Underground
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: 30DETUND-LTD06
Release Date: July 13th, 2015
Distribution: Discos Paradiso
A1. Intrusion
A2. Flash
B1. Spacecraft
B2. Coded Transmission

4 tracks extracted from the LP released in January 2015 in Detroit Underground Records, are pressed in a white vinyl limited edition to be used directly on the dancefloor.
A trip from Detroit’s minimalism, hard, and concise Techno that cuts into predefined patterns and creates new boundaries to warm musical spaces in order to accommodate this new way of thinking; those are tools brought here from a future that’s already past to define an EP that’s a place halfway between Detroit and Berlin and has been influencied by masters like Jeff Mills, Terrence Dixon, Surgeon and German minimalism of the 90s.


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