Deepbass ‘Alto’

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LNTHN002 ArtworkArtist: Deepbass
Title: Alto
Reworks by: Ness, Reggy van Oers, Aegis
Label: Lanthan Audio
Cat. #: LNTHN002
Format: 12″, Digital
Release Date: November 2nd 2015
A1 / 1. Alto
A2 / 2. Alto (Aegis Version)
B1 / 3. Alto (Reggy van Oers Version) 00:09
B2 / 4. Alto (Ness Version)

Lanthan Audio is back after their debut EP that featured Edit-Select now with their sophomore release from Deepbass, Scottish DJ, producer and label owner of Informa Records.

For this EP Deepbass delivers one original cut, ‘Alto’ which has been remixed by Aegis, Reggy van Oers and Ness. Uniform to the Deepbass style, ‘Alto’ is an ethereal atmospheric track with a punchy, rolling bass, which takes you on a voyage through the cosmos. Aegis, on the other hand, takes the tracks potent bassline and adds the aura of breakbeat to the elegant atmospheres.

On the flip side RVO adds a hypnotic energy to the track as the elements continue to build to the crowning point letting you down nice and smooth. For the final take Ness adds his own style as the punchy bass lingers he is still able to keep the mood serene and delicate. All in all a captivating way for each artist to express their own style on one EP.


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