4NYØN3 ‘Anywhere EP’

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WT09_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: 4NYØN3
Title: Anywhere EP
Label: w0rkt34m
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: WT09
Release Date: Feb. 17th, 2016 (Vinyl), Apr. 1st, 2016 (Digital)
Distribution: Envelope Structure (Both)
A1. Utila
B1. Madonna
B2. Atocha
Digital Bonus
1. Cave Digital Bonus
2. Swing

For our 9th release we bring you 4NYØN3, a new techno project emerging from anywhere. This installment will be re- leased on a 3 track vinyl and a 5 track digital EP. 4NYØN3 takes w0rkt34m to darker and rougher territories, but keeps
that raw, analog sound we love so much, with a high dosage of funk.
Track 1 and Side A of the vinyl is UTILA, a very energetic techno track. It starts with an asymmetric synth sequence, soon followed by a playful riff and the full beat blast. The sounds are rough and fat and the whole track has a tape like compression that makes it very organic and natural. The structure is simple and effective; with evolving synths, all the elements in the track play with each other effortlessly.
Track 2, and Side B1 on the vinyl, is MADONNA. Probably the funkiest of the pack, Madonna has a dubby like vibe with a subtle build up of drums & bass. A very playful synth sequence breaks in to lead the track. Menacing pads add tensi- on throughout while the percussive elements come and go in a very elegant way.
Track 3, and Side B2 on the vinyl, is ATOCHA. Just like a train, this track is solid, unstoppable and metallic. It starts with a rough funky beat and a distorted whistle like sound. The slow build breaks with aggressive stabs and some 909 frenetic patterns that remind us of 90’s percussive techno, keeping the tension at a very high level.
Track 4, digital only, is CAVE. As the name suggests, it‘s dark as hell. It starts with a solid and dark drum & bass section, topped by spooky industrial pads and synths. Noises and metallic pads keep adding tension when the full drum beat explodes. Layers of dark synth sequences play with each other as the drums grow and the atmosphere becomes more and more dense in this trip below the ground.
Track 5, digital only, is SWING. Built as a classic track tool for djs, Swing is pure funky techno. Rough, playful and very fat, this track is perfect to add some extra dirt and funk to your set. Dj friendly, dance oor oriented and really nasty.


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