785 ‘Mada Theory’

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Artist: 785apt018
Title: Mada Theory
Label: Apotek Records
Cat. #: APT 018

US native and Techno newcomer 785 blasts onto the scene with a stellar debut 12″.

Kansas native 785 debuts with his first 12″ ever on Jerome Sydenham’s Apotek records. It is clear this evasive sound engineer has a special gift to craft Techno from sources others may have never dared to tap.

The A-side ‘Mada Theory’ is a display of pure Techno diversity with slight nods to dub, ambient and the upper class of minimal. A record whose beauty may lay in it simplicity until one witnesses the complex chaos it causes on dance-floors.

The flip, ‘East Box’, gets a tad more ‘mechanical’ utilizing drilling kicks and a host of atmospheric sounds sliding in unison with machine rhythms, coagulating into some hardened molten Tech-Funk.

Both tracks have that special something that makes them standout. What has he employed that others haven’t? A phenomenon we’ll have to wait to decode until he unleashes his next pack of roving beats.


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