90sechzig90 ‘Europa’

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exp001_reducedArtist: 90sechzig90
Title: Europa
Label: Exposure Music
Remixer: BWDL
Cat. #: EXP001
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 17th 2012

1. Europa
2. Europa (BWDL Dub Remix)
3. Just Get Up

A new imprint is born and we from cutTheNoize are really happy to attend the first steps of this new label. Exposure Music debuts with the Hamburg based two DJs and producers 90sechzig90 – Their first EP is on one side a sweet rhodes sounds combined whit a groovin’ housebeat which will get your crowd in the right mood for a long late summer evening for sure. On the B Side we have a tribute to one of the greatest Hip Hop Artist of the last 30 years. That little extra is givin by the Big White Dog Lost Dub Remix.

This is Europa!

Exposure Music masterminds are part of the biz long enough to know that it needs a bit more to get your attention between all the masses of releases. They have a vision and they know that this is only be feasible with artists with a unique sound as well as people who are carrying the spirit of their new label jointly. “We spend much time to work out every detail about the artists vision. We take all this information, break it down into its fundamental parts, put it into a context with the concept of our label”.


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