LRLTD001Artist: Aaron Bessemer, Lerio Corrado
Title: Raw
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LRLTD001
Release Date: 27-6-2016
Raw Intro
Raw 01
Raw 02

With a bottomless appetite for innovative sounds, Loose Records is excited for the limited release of “Raw”, the new collaborative effort by DJs Aaron Bessemer and Lerio Corrado. Bessemer saw his start in spinning house music at parties at the tender age of 13 before progressing into creating beats himself. With a flavor tinged with harder techno sounds, Bessemer made the most of his mentor Markantonio’s guidance with tracks like “Zaro” on AnalyticTrail label. Lerio Corrado brings a style that draws on influences as diverse as David Bowie to M83. After coming up in the “Made in Naples” techno scene, Corrado has made his mark on labels like Monique Speciale, MKT, and Deeperfect. “Raw” unleashes a unique invention that is entirely its own, making for an imaginative departure from the usual sound people expect from the label while guaranteeing happy dance floors everywhere.

“Raw Intro” – The curtain gets pulled up with a dramatic entrance into an all-out adventure here. At turns haunting and downright monstrous, the beat sneaks up on the listener quickly, leading them forward into a hard-hitting combination of the bizarre as well as the intriguingly exciting chemistry this partnership brings to the table.

“Raw 01” – The whipping drumbeat from the intro gets extended into the first track before slamming it into a full-on onslaught of deep, groundbreaking rhythms. The eerie spirit is preserved here as well, persisting with deliciously creepy themes that still manage to be ferociously danceable. Rage-mode is in full effect here, guaranteed to slay any DJ set lucky enough to include this track in its peaks.

“Raw 02” – The rhythm gets thrown forward with spiraling echo effects and ricocheting high hats, making sure that no one is going to be able to stand still when these beats start up. The vocals borrow from the most energetic 90s pop scene and meld beautifully with angelic female singing, swinging back and forth in a masterful party track that is never going to let the party stop as long as it’s in play.


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