Ace Alvarez ‘Encore’

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lr038Artist: Ace Alvarez
Title: Encore
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR 038
Release Date: February 2nd 2015
1. Encore
2. Loose Change
3. Wicked
4. Knucklehead

Ace Alvarez puts his eclectic background earned in New York City on full display with his first appearance on Loose Records. The diverse NYC club scene gave Alvarez all kinds of different influences that he has since honed into his own unique style. His tracks are built around an insistence that there will never be a dull moment, seeking out new levels of intensity and approaches to making beats. As experimental as he can be, Ace still takes pride in finding the respective vibe of different crowds to give them exactly what they want. “Watching the crowd dance to my music and having a great time gives me a feeling of euphoria,” said Alvarez. His immersion in the Golden Era of dance music gave him the experience to earn a residency at the infamous Liquid Vibe, and he has since showed a commanding presence in the NYC hot spot area.

“Encore” refuses to allow any space to go unused, setting disparate bass beats to wrestle over each other amid all kinds of fascinating effects. The track sounds off with metallic clanging, underwater echoes, and other indescribable explorations that all work to mount newfound intensities in this full-scale attack. The strength of the two different beats plays off of each other like drums at war, an auditory battle that only shows a mastery of the form.

“Loose Change” a hunger for innovation drives this track to split a singular beat into two disparate rhythms, in effect seizing a new take on what a background beat can do. The divergence embraces chaos, reveling in the disarray before bringing the song back under control. Any expectations are thrown out the window again and again, bringing an all-out lawlessness that builds to heights that ring as brave and refreshingly inventive.

“Wicked” doesn’t wait around for anything before launching into a deep, relentless beat that resounds with tropical influences. The bone-shaking depths of this track are served well by high hats that lift the pacing in a way that will only keep people moving from the get-go. Longer tracks like this can tend to take a while to escalate, but the intensity of this song does not let up from beginning to end.

“Knucklehead” builds on top of bass-heavy drums with sweeping trance effects, blending with a synth effect that explores more experimental, organic sounds that interplay well here. Another simultaneous beat comes in to open even more unexplored spaces, all while channeling a flurry of industrial and robotic effects to fire on all cylinders at once.


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