Ace Alvarez – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi and welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. Briefly, what can you tell us about your first approaches to techno music? Who are the artists that mostly inspired you?

I actually have to thank my older brother for my introduction to Techno. When i was a kid he came home with the Plastikman “Sheet One” album, I listened to it & it was like nothing I ever heard before. That jump-started my curiosity with this music and led me to some of the best party’s & best times I ever had. So I could say Richie Hawtin as well as many others have influenced me.

2. In your opinion there is a communication and relationship gap between the USA and European producers?
No I Believe not. The beauty of this music, is that it’s universal. You don’t have to speak a specific language to understand the feeling you get, when you hear it. In my personal experience I’ve met cool people from Europe and around the globe, and what brought us together was the common love for the music.

3. What does really motivate you in music production?
Its about the feeling I get when I’m at a good party and there’s a perfect vibe going on. When I’m in the studio I like to zone out and try and recreate that feeling I got, with my own personal vibe & deliver that energy through my music.

4. “Encore” is published on Loose Records. What can you say about the creating process of the release?
A lot of trial & error and plenty of hours in the studio. Encore was a project that took me a long time to complete and to get just right, because at the end of the day I’m my own worst critic. With this release as always, I wanted to create a sound and energy that represent me best. I knew the tracks were ready for a release when I played them out at some big party’s and they received a tremendous response. The crowd never lies.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
There’s really never a day off in this game. Between gigs, working on my productions, going through new music, there’s truly never enough time.
I have a couple of projects that I’m currently working on, to soon to say, but focused & ready to continue the momentum in 2015.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks you to different Grooves for giving me the opportunity to let people know more about me.


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