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– Hi Antoine, i’m glad to ask you some questions for
Finally after December 2012 you are coming back in the scene, your release “Welcome Back” has been published, it gets a lot of support by important djs and producers. How do you feel about that?

We always feel good when we are supported by the electronic scene. I am not someone who trusts him a lot, specially for my music. Thus that always makes good receive some flowers. I had a break since my album. At first because I did not have time any more to dedicate myself to the music. And now I feel like a teenager in ths studio. I teem with new ideas.

– You and Timid Boy run the label Time Has Changed. When this idea was born and how do you expect from the label in the future?   
Damien was originally an artist like all the others, and sent me a demo. I really liked what I heard and we made a few releases together. As he was a French guy too, I called him and immediately came up with the idea of incorporating the label together. We stuck on a clever routine, even though we don’t actually live in the same place. In fact, I’d even say not living in the same place is an advantage, as it gives us a wider perspective and a more global view.

With two of us running the label, we also have twice as many ideas for the label, which works well if somebody makes a good or bad idea! We also make a lot of music together, too, which has proved really great for both of us. A lot of people have asked us recently if it’s something we’d consider again, and we’re definitely thinking about it right now…

It’s not too far removed from what we imagined, really. We attract quality artists and renowned remixers, which was always a goal of ours. In terms of music, I think we’re pretty well respected, although we’re still lacking that little something that will maybe bring us to the next level. But we’re always striving to improve, which is the most important thing. We look at others such as Mobilee or Poker Flat, both of whom are where we really want to be, although obviously I’m not at Steve Bug’s or Anja Schneider’s level quite yet.

But I hope one day we’ll have a prominent place in the global electronic scene, and that my productions and Damien’s productions, as well as our DJ sets, will help us get there.

– Not necessary thinking about to music related things, but what is your approach to the time that changes? Also, do you think that deep house / tech house scene is stopped or it needs a new and fresh touch?
In fact, I like that things change. I am someone a little bit hyperactive. I have a great deal of passions. Certainly they can last only one week. But I adore making things completely. For example I was passionated at a moment for the cooking(kitchen), it lasted only one week, but I have found the means to buy all that it was necessary: pans, new knife, stove …

I like the evolution of things. Even if fact of aging is something which frightens me.

For the music, I am the kind(genre) of nobody to say: it was better before. I believe that there is of the voucher for any periods. Obviously I preferedthe time(period) of the vinyl. Because things were rarer in a way. But our time(period) has not less talents. It is necessary to know how to sort out, because the music can be done everywhere or and by whoever. You just need a laptop and few VSTit became very accessible

– Your style is mainly focussed on deep house. Who are the main artists or which were the records that influenced your musical background?
It is true whom I am attract rather by the slow, intellectual ryhtms. I was never a follower of the big techno tracks  … I am more atmosphere club, groovy or even beaches the summer. I like very much partying to Ibiza the day rather than night for example… in a general way it is the German music of the years 2002/2005 which most influenced me. I think to Steve Bug, Ellen Allien, of Michael Mayer, of Superpitcher, of ADA, of Basteroid. Let us say that an album references for me is the one of Steve Bug, sensual. A complete sense of the groove, the attractive melodies that we can easily remind.. I believe that the secret of a successful music, it is to provide to make the girls dance in a club if the girls dance it is that you understood everything

– Can you describe the tools you use in your studio setup? Is it “In the box” or “out of the box”?
Rather in the box actually. I am fascinated for a long time by all which touches the computing. I thus have a home studio based around that. Keyboard master(61, imac,  yamaha HS80 monitors. Akai’s controleurs mpc40 or native Instruments MASCHINE. Otherwise I use a great deal of synths VST: all the collection Arturia (minimoog, jupiter, CS80) and also that of the NATIVE Instruments (massive, pro53, kontakt). It is for me very handy. All this is connected on Ableton Live 9, who is for me the best sequencer which is. But all the same I have just torn for my first synth hardware: a mimimoog voyager electric blue….

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
There are lots of things which are going to arrive because I produced enormously at the moment. There is at first track on Get Physical who arrives in May. Then I prepare another ep on my label with big remixers. I have a new ep which takes(out in July on leena / mobilee) Two pieces tech house which are cut for the dancefloor and two others more subtle. I worked for these two last ones with the singer Ruede HAgelstein. And honestly I am great happy of the result, it is moreover doubtless one of my best pieces. In fact I burst at the moment, because I manage finally to make the music which I like. It is can be the age, the maturity, I also have really no pressure of the result because I not life not of that.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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