Adam X ‘Irreformable’

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SGLP-01Artists: Adam X
Title: Irreformable
Label: Sonic Groove
Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital
Cat. #: SGCD-01 (Digital), SGLP-01 (Physical)
Release Date: October 21st, 2014
Distribution: EPM (Digital), Triple Vision (Vinyl)
A1. Interchanges
A2. Catenary
B1. Binary Possession
B2. On The Verge Of Decimation
C1. Sheer Insanity
C2. Irreformable
D1. In A Race Against Time
D2. Tornado Warning
D3. It‘s All Relative
DX. Small Black Object (Digital Only)

It‘s been nearly six years since the release of „State Of Limbo“. The last full length album from Adam before he started work on his successful side projects „Traversable Wormhole & ADMX-71“.
In around the start of the Millennia. Adam was one of the first and very few producers & dj‘s to cross pollenate the sounds of Industrial and EBM music into techno music. Branding his style as Industrialized Techno. It was a move that went against the grain to what was popular in techno of the time. The harder edged styles of techno music which saw its heyday in the mid 90‘s became entangled in loop mode. Continuing to exist more for functionality purposes then for exploring and developing creativity. The genre became redundant and would pretty much cease to exist with the rise and popularity of the much softer & slower sound of minimal techno.
Adam refused to conform to this light weight based sound which had now taken hold of the techno audience. Instead he would become actively involved within the Industrial/ EBM music scene by way of production, gigs, label owner and event organizer. On the production side he would go on to record three full lengths into the end aught‘s for well respected Industrial based music labels.
At the end of the decade a new generation of techno lovers emerged with an interest in harder and rugged techno sounds. Adam already having success with Traversable Wormhole took note to the changes taking place. Pushing his signature Industrial sound further on this fast growing audience with several singles on various labels. As interest in this style continued to gain popularity, Adam would finally start receiving accolades for his pioneering efforts. Including from his peers from the earlier years who often slighted his switch over to an Industrial/EBM sound back in those dismal and boring days of minimal techno .
Enter the present, Adam has spent nearly a year crafting his latest full length excursion. Aptly entitled “Irreformable“. His latest endeavor is sculpted in innovative sound design and mixed in full dynamic range. Spanning a theme of diverse styles from start to finish „Irreformable“ refuses to reform or conform to commercialism. The term “All killer no filler“ applies here.
“Interchanges” opens the album with a crunchy bassline and an array of hi-hats building tension as the track develops. Many of the albums tracks are peppered with short vocal samples and spoken phrases which add to the atmosphere and energy as the album develops. We hear this in third track “Binary Possession” with its layers of detuned synth noises and whispered Adam X vocals and in “Sheer Insanity” which is filled with sweeps and noise, combined with an unnerving vocal. Title track “Irreformable” comes full of noises reminiscent of a factory boiler room, chugging along to the noise of broken pipes and alarms, backed by an underlying snare drum and repeated spoken phrase. The latter half of the record continues to build on the overall tension and evokes an almost chaotic feel it. Irreformable is a refined industrial sounding album that broods with dark energy that twists and turns as Adam X takes us on a journey of sound.
File under Industrialized Techno, Rhythmic Noise , Futurism, Purism, Desolation.


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