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– Hi Willem, I’m glad to ask you some questions for !
How are you?
Hi Matteo, thanks for the interview here, I’m ok.

– What can you say about your musical background, and how long does it take to shift to deep house?
When I was young my parents played mainly jazz and classical music, so for me it was almost naturally to take piano lessons. At the end of the 80’s I’ve got infected by the first house music and started to buy and mix vinyl. First at home and with a small drive-inn show. I never stopped dj’ing. I played house, techno, electro and acid during the 90’s. Nowadays I’m back at what they used to call mellow, deep house.

– Do you have in mind any records which inspired you mostly?
There are too many.. Kraftwerk, James Brown, Carl Craig, Dubtribe, Terry Lee Brown JR, Deep Dish, Solomun, Todd Terje, and many more. They all made fantastic releases. To name 1 record: Global Communication – The Way / The Deep .

– You produce as solo artist with the alias “Adjust” and you collaborate with Daniel Englisch as “Zweistein”. How did you get into the production adventure and how “Zweisten” started?
I think it was in the end of the 90’s that I wanted to make my own beats. Well you know, sometimes you hear records and you think.. “hmm sounds great but I would change some elements”. Anyway, for many years I only produced for myself and for my live act. One day Daniel sent me a demo set because he knew I was organizing parties. Not much longer we spent time in the studio and created tracks for labels such as DeepClass.

– When and how you dediced to found your own label, Cosmic Disco ?
I organized an array of parties named Cosmic Disco. The style was old and new deep house inspired by Derrick Carter’s Cosmic Disco compilation album (1997) on Mixmag. I always wanted to create my own label so that’s how it happened.

– You have also published an album of Sunshine Jones, how did you feel to release an important artist like him?
Well we already had great artists such as Echonomist on our label, but Sunshine Jones / Dubtribe is 1 of my favourite artists all time. I didn’t dare to contact him because I first wanted to expand our discography. I received a letter from him with lovely words about my label ending with the request to release his tracks on Cosmic Disco. That was a huge honor and it goes from there.

– Offtopic question: did you go to any party or conference at ADE this year? Do you think that the entire thing has become more commercial during the last years?
For a few years in a row we had our Cosmic Disco ADE Showcase so I didn’t had much time to visit other things. But for what I saw, yes it became more commercial. Imho the whole house scene became more commercial. Nowadays they sell mixers at the supermarket and it feels like everyone wants to be a dj and producer.

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
Well I just released ‘Get Out’ at DeepWit Recordings. It’s a collaboration with saxophonist KoolSax from France whom recorded for artists such as Julio Iglesias. Early 2014 there will come a remix ep as well.

In addition there is a new remix from Zweistein released on NightChild Records, a new single by Pushkatin & Mills coming on the 17th of December and keep an eye on our Facebook or for more updates.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
You’re welcome, thanks for the interest!

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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