Aebeloe ‘Manon’

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Artist: Aebeloe
Title: Manon
Label: Farver
Format: 12”/ digital
Release date: October 7th 2013
A1. Manon
A2. Patience
B1. Forma
B2. Guide

Natal Zaks is the 22 year old hypertalented Danish wunderkind behind a multitude of monikers and projects that can each be easily classified as state-of-the-art music. Whether he’s composing and singing for the sweet-sounding techno twosome Averos or he’s busy developing the soft, immersive acoustics of his other dyad, Madelin, Natal is deeply preoccupied with sound design and the emotional impact his cutting-edge musical apparatus will have on any listener.

Yet his Aebeloe handle is the only one that truly does justice to his ample taste-range and personality. A modern prodigy in the very classical sense, Aebeloe transpires raw talent layered upon years of exploration, schooling and constant curiosity.

His “Manon” EP should become an instant classic, given the new, elaborate yet super-relatable techno/house meets celestial electronica sound it showcases. This second EP, released under Natal’s most intriguing and charming alias, Aebeloe, is here to put his name out and up there with all the biggest modern musicians, because that’s exactly where he belongs.


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