Keith Worthy returns to his Aesthetic Audio imprint with a cool and interesting production, totally influenced by U.S.A. techno.
“Rarified Air” releases a sense of madness created by the acid bassline loop and the abstract string melody, a sensation which is intelligently attenuated with a male vocal. Jamal Moss a.k.a. Hieroglyphic Being (who’s the Mathematics label boss) appears as remixer: from the controlled noise generated by the raw drums emerges the main melody, appropriately combined with a piano sound.
Steven Tang’s remix deserves attention too, the grooves are similar to the ones used in the original but the instruments – expecially the drums – are different, making the whole production smooth but solid.

Aesthetic Audio – June 27th 2016

Rarified Air (Keith Worthy’s Original Mix)
Rarified Air (Keith Worthy’s Original Dub)
Rarified Air (Hieroglyphic Being’s Experience 43 Mix)
Rarified Air (Steven Tang’s Dense Air Mix)


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