Agaric ‘Into The Large Air’

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wrr031Artists: Agaric
Title: Into The Large Air
Label: We Are
Format: Digital & CD
Cat. #: WRR031LP
Release Date: April 28th, 2014
Distribution: Prime Direct UK
01. Futuredays
02. Argot
03. Cross Sections
04. Berlin Methods
05. Above The Rain
06. Dust
07. Sound Of Wave
08. Exoplanets
09. Choked
10. 1024

Two years after his heavily charted LP “Who Made Up The Rules” on Ovum Recordings Agaric returns with a second anticipated studio full length album, and this time for his own label We Are.

The debut made the #1 position on the Groove Magazine album chart, and it has now become one of the most charted releases all-time on Resident Advisor. Whereas the morepart of the tracks on the debut were intended for Djs to play on the dancefloor, “Into The Large Air” presents songs which were made in an entirely different way, both from a technical and emotional standpoint.

These tracks are all recorded very straightforward from daily sessions in Agaric‘s Berlin studio during a fairly short period of time, using original sounds and trying different production ideas, doing multiple takes using the different drum machines & stomp boxes, effects and synths from the world of analog and digital music equipment – One thing to mention about this project is that special consideration was taken into account during the planning stages of this album to make the period of waiting, from the time of the creative process through mastering sessions to the time of the music reaching the listener, as short as possible.

In times of often standardized dance music and a publicity driven music industry the tracks are raw, spur of the moment, spontaneous, melodic, and they open heartedly reflects decades of involvement in a no-genre-specific world wide club scene, where creative people meet, share ideas, sounds, influences, and together produce the power to influence and inspire more people to create, to be original, and to help sustain and continue to grow the electronic music culture that we know and fell in love with.



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