Ajtim “Faynot EP”

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Artist: Ajtim
Title: Faynot EP
Label: Ensydaen Records
Release Date: July 22th 2013
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat #: EAN001
1. Ajtim – Notime (Original Mix)
2. Ajtim – Fay (Original Mix)
3. Ajtim – Fay (Northern Structures Remi)
4. Ajtim – Notime (Mike Parker Remix)
5. Ajtim – Notime (Svreca Remix)


Mental, introspective, raw and surgical are the adjectives that best describe the concept Ensydaen and Ajtim in all their facets. Sleeve handmade in black cardboard (220gr), labels in black & white, vinyl 125gr. Mastered by Artefacts Mastering in Berlin. Distributed by N.E.W.S. and Promoted by PullProxy. Available at Hardwax, Juno, Decks, Clone, Beatport, and more…


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