Alberto Pascual, Ribe ‘Deliquio’

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exa002Artists: Alberto Pascual, Ribe
Title: Deliquio
Label: EX AEQUO Records
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: EXA002
Release Date: May 12th (Vinyl), May 19th (Digital), 2014
A1. Alberto Pascual – Deliquio
A2. Alberto Pascual – Dedalo
B1. Ribe – Inception
B2. Ribe – Doom

There is in Madrid a musical effervescence that nothing can tame. If the secular bleakness fits well the dark, sullen, industrial compositions of some of its famous musicians, an older tradition, looser, of dedication to the suave, stretched, paced nighttime, finds its natural extension in the talents of young artists like Alberto Pascual and Ribé Beyond the city that has both seen them grow up, the two producers share a common vision of an exciting, immanent techno. They purpose on this release 4 limpid tracks, scrupulously carried out, providing an irresistible outlet to the audience, oscillating from sweet languor to euphoria.

For many years now Alberto Pascual & Ribé has been involved in the spaniard capital‘s techno scene. They have been producing on their own, keenly, delivering indisputable groove material to the crowds

In the steady dynamic of his, together with the experience and maturity they gleaned over the years, EX AEQUO records is now engaging in the creation of a raw, solid techno that is to be kept closely under watch.



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