Alberto Santizzo Interview

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– Tell me a bit about your label, Vicey Loops. What inspired the project?
We are a digital label, and just this past March 20th we had our first anniversary, so, we are pretty much a new digital imprint. The main idea of the label is of course to release quality modern music, inspired, since quite some time ago, by the idea of having a family within the music industry around the world. Delivering our own approach of electronic music.

– When did you first become interested in electronic music? Has it always been a dream of yours to run your own label?
Uff, I think it was back in 92; I was lucky to be a DJ’s little brother, and I could, fortunately, get a lot of diverse music from him, from synth pop in the early 80’s to the first sounds of house music in the beginning of the 90’s. I remember CD’s from “2 Unlimited” and “Technotronic” being around the house and listening to them many times in the music room.
Absolutely, running my own label has been a dream. I always wanted to run my own label, I think it is something very important in the music business, labeling your crew’s music can give you a lot of exclusivity in your sound and obviously take your performance as a DJ to another level.  I also think that having your own label allows you to expose very original and talented people who maybe are not “big names” in the industry but they deliver such an amazing music.

– And when did you decide to make that dream a reality? What challenges did you first face with the label?
The dream began to take shape in the beginning 2012, first challenges of course were getting the right music to start, in my personal experience, the most difficult challenge of a new label is to get the right music in its first stage.  It’s always very difficult to get satisfying music for a new label and get the right artists to release the label’s first outputs.  Get the right look for the label’s sound was another challenge; I believe art design and label’s image is almost dead in the electronic music business; and is a very important element in it.   Now, I am challenging myself to get even hotter and more serious music; the Vicey’s style is getting a bit of a twist, so, getting to met new people, who can deliver valuable music and share the same lifestyle and mentality is my goal.

– What’s been your proudest moment so far with running the label? What do you consider the label’s ‘big break?’
I think in this short period of time, this year we are starting to feel this “big break”; our ninth release was came out in January this year, reaching the house beatport chart at #65; we received a lot of positive feedbacks about the EP, even getting in the charts from very respected people.  I think the “big break” is about to come up with this compilation, there are so many good tunes in it and in a very different and original way, that people are going to turn around and start looking at us as a source of quality modern music.

– What excites you most about running a label? What’s the least inspiring aspect of running a label?
What excites me the most is definitely meeting new and extraordinary people, most of the time they are amazing minds that I can learn from and get experiences from too.  The least inspiring aspect is, to tell you the truth, dealing sometimes with a lot of ego from the people that are involved in this business; I guess it is the dark side of the music.

You just released Winter Essentials Volume 1. Can you talk us through some of the tracks on the release?
Well, we were preparing this almost from September last year, it started with Nick’s track, he give me this track in that time, I remember playing it and falling in love with it, a bit more indie and almost pop if you like, but the tune is just wicked, it can turn your set all the way around, giving it a fresh touch.  Then like I said, our taste started to change a bit.  By January I got “Far Away” from Italian producer Lucas Rosa, the track is a monster, simple but at the same time complex in the sounds that he used in the arrangement, trust me this track will be played in the peak times of a lot of dance-floors around the world.  Another gem is “7014” from Lefty; this one I’ve had for some time too, as he was working on a solo EP for Vicey as well, we got this in January too, along with his original tunes from his EP.  I can reassure you one thing; these tunes are full of a, sexy and powerful vibe at the same time all Lefty’s jams are unique.
I could speak about every track in the compilation but I think it is a bit too much and I also think it is best for you to have your own personal experience from them, but one track I feel the duty of speak of is Zuckre’s “The Missing Story”, this track has been in my head the last couple of months and every time I’ve played the track the crowd’s reaction is just wild, a perfect blend of sounds and grooves make this track an Ace under your sleeve.

– How difficult was it to whittle it down to just 9 tracks?
It wasn’t really.  Since we have a really close relationship with our artists we almost always ask our artists to do exclusive tracks for Vicey Loops, in other words, we were very specific when selecting the music for this VA.  Another issue is that we believe in quality above quantity, so we are looking to get fewer tracks but the best from every single one of them.

– Have you a plan for a Winter Essentials Volume 2 then?
Yes.  Actually our goal is to release 4 VAs in the year, taking advantage of some seasons and festivals around the globe, WMC/Winter, Sonar/Summer, for example, so you can expect a Winter Essentials Vol.2 at the end of March next year.

– How excited are you about modern music? Does it still fascinate you? What modern producers do you reckon we should be looking out for?
Totally. I think modern music will always be the future and yes it always fascinates me.
Now, this is totally a different subject; I think these days, just a few producers bring solid new ideas into electronic music.  I must say people from labels like Pet’s Recordings, Mr. Nice Guy, Lower East and Digital Delight among others, are innovating in the avant-garde sound of house and techno music.

– Can you talk us through ”Looking For Something”, your own contribution to the EP?
It all started with the vocals, I sampled some vocals from a random hip-hop track and started jamming the percussions and the bass. I’ve actually been so busy recently that I wasn’t planning on releasing anything in this VA, but just jamming into the bass of the track that day made me do the track really quickly. I’ve played the track a couple of times, to tell you the true I’m not big fan of playing my own tracks, but this one fits perfectly in my sets.

– Are you still learning with your productions then?
Always. I’m really not the kind of artist that executes the same formula over and over again, I get tired really quickly, so I try to push myself and get out of the comfort zone, that way I can dig into different sounds or different structures in the arrangement.  I think music is like food the fresher the better.

– What would you be doing if you weren’t involved in music by the way? Any other hobbies you’d like to run by us?
I played soccer and basketball in my teens, but I doubt would have ended up being a professional soccer or basketball player. I used to paint; I’d probably become something that involves design or architecture.  To be honest I don’t see myself doing any other job that doesn’t involve something with music, either in the studio or in the club but always in contact with sound.

– And what’s next in the Alberto Santizzo story?
Well, I have some projects going on now in my musical agenda.  Although I have less time in the studio I’m starting to wrap up the idea of dropping my first album, so I’m focusing on using the last 6 months of this year to get this done. As for collaborations, I have an EP coming up with Sishi Rosch, a two original cuts plus probably some remixes on it; this will eventually be released later this year maybe at the end of the summer.  I also have a new duo moniker, Los Flaminhoes, I’m doing this project with my hometown partner, Fito Cruz, fusing deep house, breaky hip-hop vibes and a bit of techno in it.  I think this blend would bring some wicked tracks; actually we are very happy to announce we are putting up a track in the upcoming VA from Sishi’s Digital Delight.
I will be touring Mexico by the end of May and doing some European gigs in July, mostly The UK and Germany; so stay tuned for the info, maybe you’ll be around and get to know the Vicey Loops experience.

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