brq108_CoverArtworkWebArtists: Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel
Title: The Aviating
Label: Broque
Format: Digital
Cat. #: brq108
Release Date: November 1st, 2015 / Beatport / I-Tunes
01. The Aviating
02. Faces
03. Old Tortures
04. Walk Myself
05. All We Loved
06. Message To Frank

If you were touring the dancefloors of the world as much as Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel have done throughout the last two years, you‘d be inevitably becoming „aeronauts“, or, „The Aviating“, so to speak.
And that‘s precisely the title of their new EP on Broque which, by the way, is their first joint release as we are proud to highlight. But after all their previous joint works and two years of touring together around the world, this seemed the logical next step anyway.
Those who are familiar with the swinging yet narrative house music by Alec and Gabriel know best that their works are usually clocked right for the dancefloor. However, on „The Aviation“ their songs demonstrate, that,
in the first place, they are precisely that: real songs, that tell stories about clubs and festivals, but even more so, about everything before and after the glamourous limelight moments. Stories about being on the road, about air- ports, hotels and all the emotional states one is living through even more intensely when traveling.
And as it is with all good stories: they want to be heard.


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