Alex Bau ‘Musick’

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Credo028_CoverArtworkWebArtist: Alex Bau
Title: Musick
Label: Credo
Format: 2x12inch / CD / Digital
Cat. #: Credo028
Release Date: April 22nd, 2015 (Vinyl), April 24th, 2015 (CD+Digital)
Distribution: DBH Music (Vinyl+CD), Juno / Beatport (Digital)
01. Voise Over
02. Ringlebell
03. Alarma
04. Voise Pt.1
05. Voise Pt.2
06. Escalation 385
07. Bassmati
08. Bassmamba
09. Pulse
10. Down From Space
11. Back To Space

All those stories being told about techno albums all over the years just make me feel sick!
Why does it sometimes sound like the artist appears to follow a detailed structured “plan” telling to have to do some tunes apart from focussing on the floor? Why do all those stories about albums sound all the same? Why did I always think that music should just happen? Maybe without a plan? Maybe even by accident?
Imagine music rising up just because of a feeling. Just because of a flow…listening to my management, telling me to do a new album which fits into the frameset of current mainstream tastes just makes me sick…the music indus- try and the lost momentum for the album-format makes me sick!
I ask myself what happened to the idea of spending time to listen to a row of tracks without being drawn away by status updates and all this social media shit stuff…talking about this, it makes me even more sick that music and art is measured by “likes”, “reposts” and “shares” more and more… I realize that quite a lot of things make me sick. But there is one thing that does not make me feel sick at all…Musick!


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