Alex Bau ‘Sidestep’

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Artist: Alex Bau
Title: Sidestep
Format: Digital
Label: Respekt
Cat. #: RSPKT065
Release Date: 26 November 2012
01 Alex Bau – Sidestep (Original Mix)
02 Alex Bau – Sidestep (Spektre Remix)
03 Alex Bau – Sidestep (Tool)

Alex Bau is the the true, post-apocalytpic gatekeeper. The stomping drums of his latest offering provide the backdrop for his effects-laden soundscape, letting layers of noise do the talking, while engulfing the unsuspected listener in a multitude of shadows.

The Spektre remix is a hypnotic rumble with a bass-heavy attitude and micro riffs interplaying with synth snippets. As always, the boys have maintained their cavernous vibe while mutating the original’s elements in style.



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