Alex Dolby ‘Nefesis’

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Artist: Alex Dolby
Title: Nefesis
Label: Affekt Recordings
Release Date: November 2013
1. Eastern market
2. Paranco
3. Morphosis
4. Spiral
5. lnterlude
6. Purple
7. Viral
8. Ramshackle
9. Acidness
10. Nefesis

Italian producer Alex Dolby, drops his second full Iength L.P this November, via his newly Iaunched Affekt Recordings imprint, the album’s built up of ten original tracks on a raw Techno tip.

Alex Dolby, better known to his friends as Alessandro Salvatori, has made quite an impact since stepping into the world of electronic music over ten years ago. Looking back over his discography, Dolby’s productions skills are evident, having released material with the likes of Bedrock, Viva, and Rawthentic Music. Last year saw Alex launch the Affekt nightclub in his hometown of Frosinone, which then led to the launch of the Affekt Recordings imprint, where this LP will be released. Since launching, the label has seen support from Jonas Kopp, Sei A, DVS1, Kirk Degiorgio, and Raresh, testament to the outstanding quality of its output.

As a whole ‘Nefesis’ embraces a hypnotic, ever-evolving Techno focus, Dolby opts for an energetic tempo throughout the L.P, and fuses cavernous atmospherics with up front drum programming and penetrating bass, to achieve a well rounded package instilled with an undeniable underground appeal. Records like ‘Eastern Market’ and ‘lnterlude’ display an ethereal ruggedness to Dolby’s productions, while ‘Morphosis’ and ‘Ramshackle’ embrace a more hedonistic, insistent vibe. Further highlights come in the shape of ‘Spiral’ with its psychedelic, hypnotic vibe, and ‘Paranco’ with it’s dubbed out feel, glitchy synth lines and bubbling percussive hits.

‘Purple’ shows us another side to Dolby, with emotive string melodies, soft pads and straight 4/4 drums, dissecting some aesthetics of house music and cleverly blending them with the Techno vibe running throughout the record. ‘Acidness’ takes things in the opposite direction, opting for tension building atmospherics, earth shattering drum programming and murky vocal lines to create an eerie up-tempo number. All in all, Dolby delivers a fantastic L.P here with ‘Nefesis’, adding yet another stellar release to the impressive early stage of the Affekt Recordings imprint. Alex Dolby’s ‘Nefesis’ LP, is out on Affekt Recordings 18th November 2013.



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