Alex Flatner Interview

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– Hi Alex, I’m glad to ask you some questions for
Firstly, big congrats for the Mixtape compilation on your Circle Music label!

When did you get this idea and which is (or which are) the main focus point of this release?
Thank you, I am really happy that all the artists who have contributions on the compilation have made this possible. The main idea behind this collection of great music was to focus back in the day when we all did our own mixtapes that featured our favourite tunes of that moment all together in one listening experience. Actually, this release is more of a concept release, the sound and the artwork going more into a retro style, back to the 80’s. Some of the tunes on the compilation are quite electronic, synthesizer stuff.

– The compilation is released digitally and also physically on cd. We all know that the business in music industry has been changed during the years, and there aren’t a lot of labels that publish compilations on compact disc anymore. It’s not the first time you do cd releases, but why are you still continuing do that?
It was our 13th cd release, what a magic number, for the label! We still believe in the physical product and therefore we still do vinyl and cd releases. As a label, we want to have open all possible ways to release music, because there is still a demand for physical products, something you can hold in your hand and also grab from your cd rack after many years.

– The same is for vinyl, do you think there is a sort of “relationship”, in terms of consumer habits between these 2 different formats?
I think that there are 2 different of customer’s we have. The CD buyer who is the collector and looking for new fresh stuff and the vinyl buyer, the DJ who still likes to play with plastic gold.

– Circle Music is still growing up and constantly gaining up interest and support by the people. I suppose that running a label takes a lot of time and energy; how much of your working day you spent to take care of all the things concerning that?
I spend almost every day working on the label. Actually, I go every day into the office, from morning until the evening. Yes indeed, it’s really a lot of work to do!

– Do you think the style of Circle Music releases changed during the years or followed always the same line?
Yes, definitely. For me, it has always been very important that the label is also developing and growing from time to time. I have been always very keen to change the style and keep things interesting in this way so the label is always up to date.

– How do you produce music – digital or analogue?
My recording engine is digital, but my source is completely analogue. For all my sounds I use only hardware – synthesizers – also the signal path is also analogue, just the recording path is digital.

– What are your future plans? There is something forthcoming on Circle Music, or your other releases that you would like to tell us about?
There is a new Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ – “Freedom Of My Heart” – in the pipeline, which comes with exciting remixes by Alex Niggemann, Him_self_her and the Pornbugs. A new Franksen release with remixes by Slok. A new Nicolas Duvoisin release with remixes by Quenum and Yapacc, and a new Warren Fellow, too! Basically, there’s loads of new and exciting stuff coming up!

On my side I have an upcoming release with Hermanez on Deep Circus called “Exile”, an upcoming release on Noir Music with a nice collaboration featuring Cari Golden, MSMS  “Love Is A Condition” a new remix I did with LOPAZZ for Alex Niggemann’s latest album for Pokerflat, and last but not least a nice collaboration I did with Patrick Kunkel feat. Jadele for lo:rise.

Also, there is an Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ album in the pipeline, too :)

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you very much for having me :)

Alex Flatner

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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