Alex Long ‘1000 Words’

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artworks-000089198938-ess25b-t500x500Artist: Alex Long
Title: 1000 Words
Label: Comment After
Cat. #: COMAFT001

There is music and there are producers. Both deserve to be listened and played. And what’s the best way to showcase this new delicate flower than to wrap it in 1000 words put together by Alex Long, Slovenian techno DJ & producer with past releases on 1605, AFU limited, Stolen Moments and Absolute Rhythm.

“We were asking ourselves if the market nowadays really needed another ‘label’. Would there be any difference if an artist receives ‘another’ promo email? Does it feel good to make ‘another’ post about some chart position? Does it help to fish for feedbacks? … Well, it doesn’t hurt to say that all our answers to these questions were NO in the end. So why bother then?

We don’t know yet. :)

We just know that music is a universal language, free for everyone to understand. There are no boundaries when it comes to speaking it, right?Possessing enthusiasm for exploring and sharing could be the closest fact when it comes to the questions of … why and for whom? There’s nothing we expect in return, except a comment after maybe?”

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