Alex Under ‘Fort Bravo’

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Trapez 173Artist: Alex Under
Title: Fort Bravo
Label: Trapez
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Trapez 173
Release Date: 11. December 2015
1. El Calabozo
2. El Abrevadero
3. La Cantina Por La Mañana

We welcome back Alex Under with 3 brand new tracks for Trapez!
The EP opens with the mind boggling track “El Calabozo”. A cool track that bends and twists, resulting in a surreal & bizarre sound experience that will work peak time due to Alex’s top rhythmical programming.
“El Abrevadero” has all the neurotic behavior we know from minimalist techno that works with tight loops. It has a very pure and undiluted approach which we like very much.
The third track “La Cantina Por La Mañana” is the acid track on this release and a fine one. We have had the pleasure to play it a couple of times so far.
The track has a certain vintage feel in the way the acid sequence displays a hypnotic feeling that will not only appeal to people who can relate to the original acid feeling!


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