MusicForAnImaginaryClub2_ArtworkArtist: Alexander Robotnick
Title: Music For An Imaginary Club – Vol.2
Label: Hot Elephant Music
Cat. #: HEM1513
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 28 December 2015
1. Ah Le Plaisir!
2. Set Your Brain Free
3. Bing Ball

The second release from Alexander Robotnick’s new music project, “Music For An Imaginary Club”, includes 3 tracks in tech-house style (although Robotnick cannot really follow any style but his own one).

1) ‘Ah Le Plaisir!’ (124bpm): In Robotnick’s mind it was meant to be a kind of “sexy” track but it came out pretty funny. Nothing serious, just dance.

2) ‘Set Your Brain Free’ (120bpm): So say Robotnick’s lyrics on the second track, but a very doubtful music phrase answers that pretentious call. It’s better going with the rhythm and dancing to the groove.

3) ‘Bing Ball’ (120bpm): is nothing but a groove, quite aggressive to be honest.


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