Alexey Volkov ‘Dust EP’

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Artist: Alexey VolkovPLR1202
Title: Dust EP
Label: Planete Rouge Records

Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: April 12th, 2012
Cat. #: PLR1202
01. Dust
02. Overshadow
03. Overshadow (Endless remix)
04. Corner

After gaining support from the likes of Claudio PRC, Cio d’or, Adam X, Dave Clarke, The Hacker, Pfirter and Samuli Kemppi with his Planete Rouge debut, Playground, Russian up-and-comer Alexey Volkov returns with another skulking slab of industrial-inspired techno.

Title track “Dust” launches the EP into an immediately throbbing groove, rung through with the dissonant clangs of the genre’s cold, machine-obsessed heritage. This hydraulic homage is succeeded by “Overshadow”—a closer inspection of techno’s cogs and wheels that sees Volkov tinkering with its parts over 9 minutes of cumulative atmospherics. Endless—the new collaboration between Alistair Wells AKA Perc and Giorgio Gili, based on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe label—offers a hypnotic remix from their pooled influences of Brian Eno, Byetone, Robert Henke, Irdial and Ifach. Here Volkov’s dark and growling slow-burner is stepped up into an octane workout, dressed with Gili’s minimalistic traits and seasoned with a spot of Perc-style abrasiveness. “Corner” is Dust EP’s provocative closer. Driven by anxious, incessant hats and syncopated hisses it uses suspended melodic morsels to work itself into a beguiling anti-climax that leaves you begging for more.

All in all, Dust EP showcases a linear consciousness with ultra-modern vision from this one-to-watch producer. And as ever, the sleeve artwork has been designed by label honcho and electronic protagonist himself Terence Fixmer.


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