Artist: Alexis Forge ProjectLOWPRESSINGS131low
Title: Running Ep
Label: Low Pressings
Alexis Forge Project – Running (Vocal Mix)
Alexis Forge Project – Running (Dub Mix)

OK! So where to begin… Alexis Forge Project has been kicking around with LP for a while now…Over ten years! Blimey!
But this latest release shows that like a good wine age brings out the flava! Here at the LP office we are just blown away by this release, in fact it would not be an understatement to say that so far this year our sound has started to really pull 2012 into action!

AFP is proving that right here… My GOD the bass is just throbbing on our system and together with some clever little skipping patterns of synths and pulsating kick we have an absolute killa track – This is explosive for the floor…
On top of this the vocal really does work it, and for those of you who don’t tend to play vocals.

CHANGE! (but you always have the dub)
This vocal works and will really bring the ladies to the floor, which then of course brings the guys…
Which then of course means everyone has their HANDS IN THE AIR!


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