Alexis Tyrel Interview

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Different Grooves talks with Alexis Tyrel this week to focus on the relaunch of his label Lessismore and his forthcoming album “Return To Planet Alpha”.

– Thanks for joining us Alexis! How are you doing right now?
Thank you for having me. I am doing well, but a bit tired after a great weekend with friends.

– In the last months you’ve been busy with the relaunch of your label Lessismore.
Why you make this choice, and what are your motivations?

Good question and a bit personal. Lessismore was founded more than a decade ago by me, MBC and our visual designer XL. After having a good start which resulted in booking at Osgut bargain, Tresor, Flex and more, the vinyl market crashed and life went digital. That was a major setback for us. Losing a lot of money when two of our distributor when bankrupt. And even worse, having to find a new way of life in a digital environment. This led to a downward spiral for the label for different reasons.
Personally I had several setbacks the last couple of years and after overcoming them and the vinyl market was moving up again, starting up Lessismore felt like the right thing to do, especially in this market when some essential old values of music are lost.

– You make alive some tracks already published, and these productions still sound contemporary.
In your opinion does the “timeless” factor lost importance in the electronic music?
Timeless is a very complex word and the meaning will probably mutate over time which I can not oversee.
What I try to do in my music is to create music with the love for the contemporary art forms and the love for the more realistic art forms. An artist who does this in his art is Dali, which I find really cool.

– Your album “Return To Planet Alpha” will be published soon.
How was it born? Is it part of a long creative process?

The music on “Return To Planet Alpha” is more than a decade old. For me it is sort of a time travel to a younger version of myself. One could say that the music was re-born when I was watching a interview with Ben Klock, lying sick in bed on a Saturday night at the end of last year. What Ben Klock said in the interview, got me to get out of bed, go to the studio and start a two day recording session with sounds and sequences I made before and around the period of the Lessismore Label Night at Ostgut Berghain.
This resulted in “Return To Planet Alpha”. The creative process can be seen as short but the learning process as very long. For me “Return To Planet Alpha” is sort of re-calibrating and fixing my wrong doings from the past and going back to the origin.

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects you could tell us about?
I did a track called “Tears Of Mars” for a Detroit Label called Motech, which will be released somewhere in 2017.
As you mentioned that I have been busy with the relaunch of Lessismore, so this has my focus this year. After a long break of 5/6 years there is some chasing up to do.
I just finished up Lessismore 005 called “In For A Penny In For A Pound”, it has a track on it I did together with MBC called “Cocaine By The Pound”. We got Smash TV to do a remix on that track.
Further a remix I did myself on an old track of mine called Rebecca Loos will be released with a Gui Boratto remix, this finishing up sound issues but the idea is set.
And after that there is another album of mine coming up with a Funk D’Void remix on it.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Again thank you for taking interest.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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