Alien Rain ‘Acid Reign’

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Artists: Alien Rain
Title: Acid Reign
Label: Deep Sound Channel
Format: Vinyl
Cat. #: DSC002
Release Date: December 16th, 2013
Distribution: Clone
A. Acid Reign 1
B. Acid Reign 2

Alien Rain is a tainted Techno project of Milton Bradley. Under this alias the Berlin based artist has served up disgruntled Electronics and downright deranged Acid. Panel beaten 90s tracks that pervert and pummel. Floor a-bombs that leave behind nothing but a 303 wasteland.

Mr Bradley has caught the attention of Deep Sound Channel and been called upon to deliver his style of hypnotic fallout Techno. Two sealed vials of audio venom are the result. “Acid Reign 1” is a looming beast, a corrosive creature dripping famine and pestilence from every pore. The flip is a steady builder. Slowly Alien Rain constructs an analogue scape. Bulging bass and tempered Acid annihilation threatens throughout but is kept in check. Beelzebub brutality from the warehouse warped mind of Milton Bradley.


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