Artists: Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin, Samuel RohrerAM703
Title: ambiq
Label: arjunamusic
Cat. #: AM703
Formats: LP, CD, digital download
Release Date: February 9th 2015
A1. Erdkern
A2. Tund
A3. Touching the Present
A4. Tragus
A5. Tangoreceptor
B1. Toxic Underground
B2. No Body Language
B3. Timone
B4. Loka

Ambiq is a new project that see its first lights since 2012, year when the three heads behind it started to record different tracks. After the second recording session in 2013, a year later seems like that the final product is ready. Yes, the first thing we surely think is “you can’t do something like that nowadays” but you know, when we’re listening to non-dancefloor oriented music we should avoid that way of thinking, and obviously also artists do.
Claudio Puntin on the clarinet, Samuel Rohrer on percussions and Max Loderbauer on electronics created this experimental, dark, jazzy avant-garde album, exploring and combining everything that catch their attention.

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