AMBIQ ‘AMBIQ 2 Remixed’

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AMEL-EP710 ArtworkArtist: AMBIQ
Title: AMBIQ 2 Remixed
Remixers: Thomas Fehlmann & Margaret Dygas
Label: Ambiq
Cat. #: AMEL-EP710
Release Date: 04-03-2016
A / 1. Meta (Thomas Fehlmann Remix)
AA / 2. The Mother (Margaret Dygas Remix)

With the second 12″ Maxi Single release of two new AMBIQ tracks, from the album ‘AMBIQ 2’, and after a first EP featuring sparkling remixes by Ricardo Villalobos and Tobias Freund, arjunamusic is continuing the remix series which brings electro-acoustic music into a alternative techno environment, now featuring Thomas Fehlmann and Margaret Dygas.

The fluid, open-ended nature of the AMBIQ trio’s compositions, which never remain trapped in one musical genre or another, gives them an almost irresistible ‘sample-ability’. This quality lends them to all kinds of inspired re-interpretations, and this new pair of remixes is a good proof of that. Orb/Kompakt alumnus Thomas Fehlmann, as well as eclectic producer Margaret Dygas, are no strangers to psychedelic narrative epics of sound, and they take to this task with the ease of expert engineers.

Fehlmann’s familiar low-end rolling and provide the rocket fuel which takes his ‘Meta’ mix beyond the stratosphere, though these classic techno elements never neglect the eerie ‘singing saw’ quivers and drum kit chatter of the original material. It’s a mutant dub that, like the best electronic music, never feels ‘manufactured’ for a moment and permeates every corner of listeners’ active imagination.

Meanwhile, Dygas’ noir-tinged ‘The Mother’ remix incorporates all kinds of clever low-end subtleties and sliced-and-diced sound fragments while still leaving plenty of room for Ambiq’s woodwinds and percussive commentary to have their say. The unique enveloping feel of the music gives one the uncanny feeling of both secretly observing someone and being secretly observed, a shift in perspective that is only accomplished by the most well-considered new music.

AMBIQ the Berliner instrumental trio of Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer, emerged onto the scene not long ago with a self-titled arjunamusic LP (AM703) of impressive sonic distinctiveness and technical ability. Drinking from a deep pool of influences that includes free improv, early electronic music and spaced-out dub, the trio does what any great ensemble should set out to do: it becomes more than the sum of its parts, a single organism with its own unique expressive vocabulary and perspective. Proving that their debut was no fluke, the ambiq trio has already re-convened for a second full length bubbling over with new timbral combinations, and with a sophisticated interpretation of the ancient art of tension and release.


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