The music of ambiq is a discovery. On their new CD “ambiq” (arjunamusic records), the three highly
experienced musicians create a music that can confidently be described as a new style. Dark
Organic Ambient. Freedom in shaping electronic soundscapes, subtle mastery of acoustic
instruments and the ability to integrate these into the overall analogue-electronic sound. These
qualities, combined with their ease in handling wonderfully flexible and delicate beats, take this trio
out of the club and into the concert hall.
The three musicians act as a chamber music ensemble with a contemporary background. They are
chamber musicians, sound engineers and composers rolled into one, in a wonderfully organic
sounding way. Definitions of musical style, compositional techniques or sound guises are rendered
superfluous in light of this self-evident performance. Ambiq move like a Psychic TV concert, create
floating states like Brian Eno or Moritz von Oswald, all paired with great groove sensibility, a superb
human touch and world-class mastery of their instruments.

Max Loderbauer is a pioneer in electronic music and a master of the analog synthesizer. He
became known foremost with „Sun Electric“, Thom Thiel, Ricardo Villalobos (CD: re:ECM), Tobias
Freund: nsi (non standard institute, the Redux Orchestra of Ari Benjamin Meyers, the Moritz von
Oswald Trio, Carl Craig and Francois Kervokian sas well as productions on Honest Jon’s Records and
Perlon Records. Live you can hear him at Berghain or Watergate Berlin, Rewire Den Haag, CTM,
Nuits sonores Lyon, Mutek and other estivals.

Claudio Puntin has connected, as a soloist and improviser, the instruments of the clarinet familiy in
an organic way with electronic and acoustic preparations and alternative technics. This brought
him together with Skuli Sverrisson, Steve Reich, Fred Frith, Ricardo Villalobos, Sidsel Endresen, Carla
Bley, Steve Swallow, Anders Jormin, Ensemble Modern, Musikfabrik Köln. He recorded for ECM, Dt.
Grammophon, Hörverlag, arjunamusic, a o. He composed for Kammerensembles, Orchestras, Big
Bands, Choirs, Radio Plays, Movies, Theater and toured in over 80 countries.

Samuel Rohrer is one of the most demand percussionists of the creative scene in Europe. He
worked with Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset, Skuli Sverrisson, Frode Haltli, Trygve Seim, Sidsel Endresen,
Vincent Courtois, Frank Möbus a o and recorded several records for ECM and built his own label
arjunamusic in 2012. He plays regularly on festivals like the London Jazz Festival, CTM, Northsea
Rotterdam, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Banlieues Bleues Paris, Jazzfestival Willisau
and Saalfelden, Punkt Festival, JVC Festival Amsterdam a m o and works temporarily on his own
projects in the field of electro-acoustic music.


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