And.Id Interview

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Hi Andreas, first of all welcome to Different Grooves !

Thank you for having me!

We begin from your last album on Mobilee records, ‘Eternal Return’: Tell us something about this fantastic album and maybe some “behind-the-scenes” 

‘Eternal Return’ is a collection of tracks I produced over the past few months. With this album I am exploring and putting my own mark on present day dance music, these include tracks that 100% made for the dance floor as well as some which are more spiritual. As you go through the album you travel deeper into my musical roots.

Which of your musical and personal roots inspired you in the album composition? 

I get inspiration from my surroundings, the people, the environment I live and work and the journeys I make. My roots and subconscious appear in every track that I create, producing this album was more like making an anthology. There were lots of ideas, which came from everywhere and shaped into different tracks and then eventually formed into ‘Eternal Return’.

How you get in touch with the label, and how is your business relationship with Mobilee family?

I met with the Mobilee crew in Spain around seven years ago when I played alongside Anja Schneider, Sebo K and Pan Pot at a beach party in Barcelona – we had a lot of fun! The year after I was lucky enough to play with Mobilee again and we hung out and developed a friendship. After couple of years I start releasing on the label and since then we have all supported each other and have tried to push things forward.

Focusing on your summer gigs, where are you really looking forward to play?

I am looking forward to all my gigs, as every time is a different and unique experience. If I have to choose one, then it is going to have to be my hometown gig in Thessaloniki at the beginning of August.

What makes this gig special is that I am going to perform alongside Tasos Korkovelos who is the guy responsible for the keys in my BAND project and he also features in a couple of tracks on my album. He will set up his keys and synths on the night and will jam to my music.

What’s your approach to compose music? Also, what are your main sources of inspiration?

I am trying to use as many physical sources as I can, I am very lucky as I have many friends who are musicians and every time I meet with them we try to record ideas such as; bass lines, guitar leaks, rhythms, chord progressions etc.. When I am back in the studio I manipulate these recordings by adding beats and sounds from my synthesizers, I have a lot of recordings that I haven’t heard for a long time but as soon as I get my hands on them I am sure I will feel inspired again by the way they sound. I am also spending a lot of time in the studio experimenting and trying to find new sounds.

And.ID in the next 6 months: unveil the future to our readers, and of course to me too

I will be on my album tour for the next few months, playing live in different countries and crowds gives me the opportunity to test new ideas and then go back in the studio and form new tracks.  I will also be keeping my self-busy by working on a couple of different projects with different people.

Some fast shoots

1. Greatest inspirations or influences?

Everyday life, friends and music.. Lots of music!

2. Most memorable set so far?

I have so many good memories from past gigs, but the latest has to be my live set at Teatro Amador in Panama City about a month ago.

3. Favorite record shop?

Playground in Thessaloniki and Oye in Berlin.

4. Highlight of 2013 so far?

The release of my debut album “Eternal Return’ on Mobilee records

5. What your most looking forward to about Beirut?

I have heard so many good stories from fellow DJ’s who have already played in Beirut, so I am definitely looking forward to that experience.

6. Upcoming release?

My album “Eternal Return” which was released a couple days ago!

7. Anything else?

Peace and Love

Interview by Gill



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