And.Id ‘Lunar Distance’

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mobilee125mobilee125mobilee125Artist: And.Id
Title: Lunar Distance
Release Date: 28.02.2014
Label: mobileemobilee125
Cat. #: mobilee125

When you hear the name And.Id you immediately make the connection with Mobilee. Being associated with the label for many years already, we have seen his sound develop and evolve over the years. Originally hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece where he spent many years finding inspiration by listening to records in his favorite record store, this has led to the development of this multi-faceted artist.

His upcoming EP on Mobilee, Lunar Distance is a new love affair between the artist and concept. Mixing conceptual inspiration with his signature style, from his love for old Disco to a message from a card that led an uninspired artist into a creation process that itself was a journey and adventure.

In “Lunar Distance” we see ourselves on a journey from earth to the moon. The distance between the two is quite long so the journey needs to keep us intrigued and it does just that with a driving force, which is sure to fill dance floors with little effort.

Next on the map is “Radik’s Groove” an adventure that was spawned from Oblique Strategies; a set of cards used by artists when they feel a creative block. Upon drawing the card which stated “Use unqualified people” he did just that. When he was in the studio a six-year old child came and just played around on the drum machine.

From there And.Id added a melody on top and it became the main loop used in the track, from this experiment of simplicity a solid track of musical adventure was born. The final track on the EP “One & One,” showcases his love for old Disco records. Made from old recycled samples and dusty analogue synthesizers the track takes us to a familiar place one that is somewhere between Disco bliss and a down tempo wonderland.


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