artworks-000106169378-5qs2v9-t500x500Artist: Andrea Fiorito
Title: Voodoo Grooves LP
Label: Cynosure Recordings
Release date: 17th April
1. Salinas (Digital bonus track)
2. The Biggest Love
3. Brain And Butter
4. Voodoo Grooves
5. Give Yourself To Me
6. People In The House Jam
7. Rafael
8. Retro Pattern (Digital bonus track)

A celebrated artist with over twenty years experience to his name, Andrea Fiorito makes his long awaited return via Mike Shannon’s Cynosure Recordings.

Sometimes it can take a momentous or life-changing event to sow the seeds of change. In late 2013, the loss of Andrea Fiorito’s uncle, a man he described as a ‘best friend and guru’ left an indelible mark on his soul, and he decided to travel to South America to seek out a new beginning and perspectives. The newfound musical clarity this gave him led to the conception of ‘Voodoo Grooves’.

“The album was recorded in Puglia, in a room that was once his grandfather’s impressive studio, surrounded by 200 year old furniture. The environment here was sensually rich, and fuelled Fiorito with inspiration and creativity. As Fiorito described: “during the summer the colours are very inspiring, and you can smell dozens of fragrances and scents. From the studio window you see our citrus trees and our vegetable garden, and every corner of the house is full of beautiful art. All of this pushed my creativity and was a huge source of inspiration for creating music after a long period of inactivity.”

Fiorito has always been an advocate of both analogue and digital recording techniques, and this is apparent throughout the album. Opening track ‘Salinas’, dovetails organic live drum loops and guitar licks alongside a heavy thudding kick, and vaporous synth swirls. In ‘The Biggest Love’ Fiorito kneads out more peppy rolling breakbeats over a chunky bassline, whilst a hypnotic vocal loop undulates in and out.

‘Brain and Butter’ is a propulsive tribal excursion designed for twilight zone dancefloor moments. Save for the occasional keyboard tinkles, the song is free of melody, comprised instead of a dense latticework of rolling percussion. ‘Voodoo Grooves’ offers a muscular house beat and sub-bass undertow, whilst a miasma of seductive keys orbit in and out.

‘Give Yourself To Me’ pushes things forward with tightly woven snare volleys, a punishing low end, and the occasional guitar lick for good measure, whilst ‘People In The House Jam ‘ utilizes a classic vocal sample to riotous effect. The penultimate track, ‘Rafael’, is the name of Fiorito’s aforementioned uncle, and serves as a tribute to him. It’s a poignant piece indeed, with stirring strings sitting alongside a delicate assembly of pianos.

Finally, in ‘Retro Pattern’, Fiorito skillfully threads together a canopy of fuzzy melodic tones in order to round off the track off on an evocative note. It’s a good summation of his well-versed ability to creating bubbling, yet restrained dancefloor vibes.


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