Andrea Frisina Interview

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The Gate Null boss and all-round Italian techno don, Andrea Frisina, gives us an insight into his psychic record bag here. As you can imagine, it contains a few cracking cuts…

– Your all-time favourite club track?
There are two which I can’t possibly choose between. The first is “Abysm – Future Love”, which came out on Systematic in 2005. The other is “Fuzzy Hair vs Robbie Rivera – The Cat (Fuzzy Hair Mix)” which came out on Sound Division in 2006. I’ve no idea how many times I played these vinyls more or less a decade ago.

– The track you’ve finished a set with the most often?
“Sin Sin – Tunnel (Kalden Bess Remix)”. What a track!

– The track you cleared the floor with (what happened when?)
I’m not so careless to play a track with which I can risk losing the floor!

– The track you rescued a floor with?
For sure this is a floor filler: “DJ Hyperactive – Wide Open (Len Faki DJ Edit)”

And my own “The Really Want It (Original Mix)”, it works always !

– The cheesiest / guiltiest secret track you love?
I’ve played this one so many times: “Lorenzo D’Ianni – Vacuum (Original Mix)”

– The track that everyone else loved that you hated?
Personally I didn’t hate any track! But some Italian popular music is very bad…

– The track that you loved that everyone hated?
Nothing in mind guys…!

– Anything you’d like plugging?
Of course! My track “Wild Prairie” is out now and it includes a remix of the techno legend, Joey Beltram:

And my upcoming track release “Landing On Enceladus” out on September 14th. Watch out!


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