Ange Siddhar ‘Les Muses De Buci’

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Artist: Ange Siddhar
Les Muses De Buci
Bluelephant Records
Joss Moog
Cat. #:
1 – Les Muses De Buci (Original Mix)
2 – Les Muses De Buci (Joss Moog Remix)

Proud and happy of his first release at Bluelephant Records, Ange Siddhar comes back to the adventure with “Les Muses De Buci”.
Since his track “Hey”, he continued to forge his weapons in live with big names such as Vazik, Rodriguez Jr, Illan Nicciani.
“Les Muses de Buci” is a journey’s calling, where blends deep melodies and floating voices. Add a taste of dancing rhythm, a slice of maracas Flow the juiced and mysterious harpsichord Put a bit of a crushed charleyston Shake the whole And get a laid back track to savor under the sun or the night’s prelude…

For the remix, 1 shark joins the adventure:

Joss Moog give us a deeply and powerful stuff, with heady voice.

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