RZ_GSR_Grooves01Artist: Anil Chawla
Title: Great Stuff Grooves Vol.1
Label: Great Stuff
Cat #: GSR141
Release Date: 27/02/2012
Format: Digital
01 Anil Chawla – Beso (Original Mix)
02 Anil Chawla – Everybody (Original Mix)
03 Anil Chawla – Ever Needed (Original Mix)

Anil Chawla has been one of the UK’s most exciting new house music talents over the last five years, bringing his melodic, organic sounds to world-class labels like Global Underground, Cr2, Hotfingers and 303lovers and producing a classic album with erstwhile partner Dale Anderson in the process (the sumptuous Roadhouse). After gracing the finale of the gone but not forgotten Munich Disco Tech series, he returns to Great Stuff to kick off the new GS Grooves series – with a slew of techno beasts.

GS Grooves does what it says on the tin. Its aim is to deliver more groove-led techno tracks to the Great Stuff-loving public, and this EP makes for a fine first chapter.

Beso is a chunky roller, with incessant tech stabs punctuating a swell of rumbling bass and shuffling percussion. It’s tense and vaguely menacing, but Chawla resists the temptation to go all dark and nasty and keeps the tone light. Ever Needed sees him sprinkle a little tribal flavour over a heads-down, bubbling groove that comes across like Johnny D at his most pumping, while on Everybody he ups the tension further with twisted swirls of bass frequency, shimmering snare rolls and eerie strings held to boiling point. A seriously solid 3-way to kick off what’s set to be another legendary series.


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