Anthony Middelton

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Around about 4am in the morning, you might see the lights go on in the studio at Anthony’s house. and shortly after , hear the thump of a kick drum, peppering the quiet backstreet by his house…(much to the dismay of his neighbours). As one half of the Duo Audiofly and Founder of record labels Supernature & Maison D’etre ….AND the Flying Circus events, you might think that those early mornings would be sacred, spent asleep cuddling his Gal. But insomnia is insistent and music is pure pleasure, so getting up and writing at weird hours, is a luxury. And so here is the first of the “Few and Far between” sessions….The Momentary Lapse EP. Musical moments inspired by  interupted dreams and a bad back. Moments which wouldn’t necessarily make it into you 2AM record Collection but are important weapons on a beach or in your dreams. “Dance Music has very much become like fast food….and very few people are writing, just for the sake of writing or experimenting (apart from in the occasional album) anymore. Musically ,we are being forced to compete in a game which excludes artists from taking risks or the “long road”. Experimenting with one’s art is a fading discipline which we shouldn’t loose track of…with this Solo project, I have just free’d myself a little……sweeeeet!!”


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