SBRCD001Artists: Antientertainers
Title: Limited Edition
Label: Schallbox Records
Format: CD & Digital
Cat. #: SBRCD001
Release Date: 12th July, 2014
Distribution: Straight Distribution, Digdis
01. Morning Walk
02. Dance Rebel
03. Odyssey
04. Lights In My Garden
05. Good Vibes
06. Singing With Love (Re-Edit)
07. Wear My Boots
08. Roleplay feat. CCCat (Album Version)
09. My Old Style
10. High
11. Man In A Hole
12. Set You Free
13. Straight Ahead
14. Some Things Will Never Change

‚‚The world is full of colors and beautiful!“ is the motto of Antientertainers and this exactly is what they have been translating onto their first 14-track album.

The timbre of the tracks is very diverse, sometimes referencing old-school electro, synthesizer-loving pads and melodies as well as tight rhythms, originating in house and techno. All tracks are being infused with a charming pop-appeal, courtesy of Antientertainer Jens‘ voice. The special momentum of the tracks lies in their well-balanced interplay of melancholy and lightheartedness. The defined beats develop a special energy that carries the individual basic mood of all their tracks, sometimes bedding them softly, at other times starkly contrasting them or polishing them with a satin feel. In this manner there are small musical stories being told, picturing topics like love, loss, the peculiarity of life in our times or last night‘s touching conversation.

Antientertainers are shaping this caleidoscope of moods in a very unique musical form, where the melancholic rhythmic fundament is contrasted by hopefully charged vocals. In spite of the coherence in the general tone of the album, the 14 tracks are completely diverse and individual in their character, and cover the whole spectrum from summertime swing for unforgettable open air moments, over the perfect hymn for the dancers flight to cloud no. 9, until the focused track for the upcoming night in a dimmed club.

This album is a scenting fusion of electronic playstyles, which accentuates pop in capital letters and understands diversity not as a badge, but as a fertile medium on which it is built. A seminal record, smooth until the end, animated with the necessary laxity that already moves the heart upon hearing it first. We set sails into the direction of hope, because the world is indeed full of colors and beautiful!



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