Artist: Sarp YilmazAPL009
Title: Since Youve Been Gone Away
Label: Apparel Music
Cat. #: APL009
Format: LP (limited to 150 copies)
Release Date: March 30th 2015
Don’t Leave Me This Way
2. Nighttrain
3. Smiling Faces
4. Smoking Rooms
5. Since Youve Been Gone Away
6. Closer Than Close
7. Power To The People And The Beats
8. Can’t Get Over You

The forthcoming LP on the UK based Apparel Music can be defined as an ode to first forms of house music.
Without being too much influenced by the modern standards and sonorities, the output by the Turkish producer is pure and pretty, thing that makes the intensity and and interest for these tracks growing during the listening session.
We can recognize also some edits from the vocal verses, like “Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close” and “Public Enemy – Hazy Shade Of Criminal”.

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