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Hi guys, i’m glad to ask you some questions for Differentgrooves.com
– In a recently interview on Resident Advisor, Dyed Soundorom said that (with Apollonia label) “we want to be more conceptual and define what we do and who we are”, till now you published only 2 releases, what is your schedule approach compared to the other label projects?
We started the label very slowly as we wanted to do everything right. This year we only had three releases, next year, we already have releases planned from Daze Maxim with a Dyed Soundorom remix, a re-press of the Point G classic ‘Underwater’, an album from Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez and more yet to be announced.

– Quality over quantity, do you agree?
Shonky: For sure,  we realised with the years that we always like to play a lot of old  tracks, so i think what we like and looking for, is to release music today, but for people to still be playing it in five years time, ten years time even. We do it for passion, we want to show people are roots and what we like.

– You played in a lot of gigs during the last years, do you ever feel that the songs released nowadays are for a single-use business? Is it a good or bad thing in you opinion?
Shonky: “The good things is that now more people have access to music.  Ten years ago you needed a big studio. Now you have more this possibilty to make music anywhere in the world, more good musc and  way more bad music. The way everything is working now,. to release on vinyl, you are more careful. to release digitally costs nothing and the problem is that nowadays, if you want to travel the world, you need to make music.
Dyed Soundorom: thats why i use serato. For me, with digital, music was becoming like a supermarket… Nothing special, so vinyl is something you can keep and always go back to. If I look back in ten years, I don’t want to go in a hard drive, I prefer to look in my record collection.

– Your musical background influence or reflect the sounds you propose in your dj sets or productions?
Shonky: my musical background, yes for sure, because I am playing a lot of old tracks, i am always influenced. When you start to make music, you are always looking for an example; how they built, what kind of sound, texture, synths etc. Of course my musical background is really reflected in my DJ sets, because i play a lot of old tracks and my productions, because i still try to make my music sound like the sounds they were using ten years ago. I use the MPC 3000, the famous beat maker they were using with Mood To Swing,  Kerri Chandler, Dr Dre… To make beats, it has this old school sound, less digital. I am still using that, so I like to approach what I was listening ten years ago. im not crazy about new producers, i still have this love for the old producers, Theo Parrish, Moodymann, they use mpc… it is a less transparent sound.
Dyed Soundorom: I grew up with mainly black and soul music and RnB from the 90s, for me i put all this kind of music in the case of ‘groove’ and this what i like to play – from deep to techno, i like the music to be raw.
Dan Ghenacia:  of course. i think influence is everywhere so it’s not something that i am thinking about but has to be for sure reflected in out sets.

– About personal relationships, what happen when you mix your friendship with musical, and also business related things? Can this create contrasts or you’re generally in the same way of thinking?
Shonky:  the thing is that, in this case, we all follow the same path and we all have passion for the same things, so more easy to mix all things. It’s not like dan and dyed are coming from something completely different, we became very close because of this musical thing. i wouldn’t be close to dan if we weren’t DJs, we met because dyed was pr in a club. From the beginning, we have the same tatse, we are close from the beginning,. for me its good, wee feel teh same tghings. we are reaching the same goal. music is too much a part of us.

– Have you got any yours future plans you wanna to tell us about? There is something big and nice forthcoming on Apollonia?
Just now we are releasing the new EP from Dan ‘Trax On Da Road’, a repress of one of our favourite classic tracks ‘Underwater’ from Point G (AKA DJ Gregory). It’s one of those records that hasn’t left my bag for years but the vinyl is now very hard to find. The repress on Apollonia will give fans the rare chance to get their hands on it again…” an album of Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez, plus lots more.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts !

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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