Alien Rain “Alien Rain 4”

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AR4Artist: Alien Rain
Title: Alien Rain 4
Label: Alien Rain
Cat. #: AR004
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: February 17th 2014
1. Alienated 4A
2. Alienated 4B
3. Alienated 4C

Alien Rain is the side project of Berlin-born techno producer, Grounded Theory resident DJ and founder of the Do Not Resist The Beat! label, Milton Bradley. Now into its fourth release, Alien Rain is both the production name and sub-label for the project, dedicated to resuscitating the classic sounds of early acid techno, charging them with a wholly modern energy.

In the early 90s, acid was washing into Milton’s world, and in combination with the early bloom of Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic. He soon started DJing in the early 90s, but as a producer, his first release did not surface until 2009. Since then, he has been carefully turning those ideas into the series of solid 12-inches characterised by a distinctive personality, both in terms of their density and originality.

Shortly after his second sub-label and production alias, The End of All Existence, cross-haired cinematic, ambient techno, he developed the idea for Alien Rain. Launching in 2012, it took its name from a fictional alien invasion on earth, soundtracked by the classic, pitch-bending sounds of the Roland 303.

On Acid Rain 4, Milton delivers three hypnotic hunks of looming, rough-cut 303 techno. The phasing intensity of ‘Alienated 4A’ rises as the envelope slowly unfolds, hurling itself out in a sustained, spiralling restrain, while the undulating acid bassline of ‘Alienated 4B,’ feeds off a similar, pendulum-like pattern. The final cut, ‘Alienated 4C,’ surrenders a gurgling low end pulse with lightweight, scuttling percussion, which washes over thick with the unsettling air of sci-fi ambience.

Milton Bradley will be touring as Alien Rain with special DJ set and live performances. Dates for these performance so far include:

Feb 14 – Culture Box Copenhagen (DJ Set)
Feb 28 – Dude Club Milan (Live)
Apr 12 – Berghain Berlin (Live)


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