Alexandre Navarro “Anti-Matière”

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After many years Alexandre Navarro gets released again on Archipel Musique with the album “Anti-Matière”. The producer is an xperimental ambient guitarist, sound artist, founder of EKO Netlabel, SEM Label, DISQ AN, Hep: this means that his activity in the field covers many roles and his musical background is rich and influenced by many factors.
The tracks of the album are into electronica and ambient, everything starts to assume a big complexity from the fourth track “Amazone”, here the artist’s experimental side explodes and comes out with in its real nature.

Archipel Musique – March 20th 2017
1. Phosphoros
2. Les îles
3. Filaments
4. Amazone
5. Contemplé
6. Rêve-éveil
7. Petites soeurs
8. Sextant
9. La Seconde Porte

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