Aril Brikha / Deep’a & Biri ‘Hope’

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BLACK_CROW_002Artist: Aril Brikha / Deep’a & Biri
Title: Hope
Label: Black Crow
Release Date: 24.03.2014
Format: 12″
Cat. #: BC002
A1. Aril Brikha – Ishtar
A2. Aril Brikha – Ishtar (Deep’a & Biri Remix)
B1. Deep’a & Biri – Har Zion
B2. Deep’a & Biri – Har Zion (Aril Brikha Remix)
DX. Deep’a & Biri – Har Zion (Beatless Edit)

Tel Aviv’s Deep’a & Biri and Iran-born producer Aril Brikha will unite on a forthcoming 12″ on Deep’s & Biri’s Black Crow label, from which proceeds will be donated to an Israel/Palestine peace projects organization. Titled ‘Hope’, the release was inspired by Brikha’s first visit to Israel to play at the Black Crow party in Tel Aviv, after years of turning down gig offers in the country in what Brikha describes as his own “quiet protest” in solidarity with Palestine.

Aril Brikha: “I thought I would have trouble getting in, and while I’m there, because I’m born in Iran. But after a few days there and coming back to my ‘homeland’ Sweden, I realized that I felt more at home in Israel than in Sweden…which was a very strange feeling. The same weekend of my gig missiles came towards Tel Aviv so of course it was not an ordinary evening we got at the club that night. I was really happy to see the people that still made it out – it was a very special night”.

With their shared love for the deeper sounds of Detroit techno (Derrick May’s Transmat label, on which Brikha released the timeless ‘Groove La Chord’ and Deep’a & Biri have a released a track last year, remains a key link between their respective approaches to music), Brikha’s collaboration with Deep’a & Biri on the second Black Crow EP was the logical next step to follow the duo’s 2013 debut LP ‘Emotions Visions Changes’ on DJ Hell’s International DJ Gigolos. The 12″ features both acts contributing an original track and remix, with Brikha’s signature melodic progressions and Deep’a & Biri’s dub techno atmospherics brought to bear on each side.

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