Artists: TJ Kong & Eric de Man
Title: Where The Wild Ales Are (Part 1)
Label: Artform
Remixers: Okain, Roberto
Cat. #: ARTFORM0219
Format: Digital
01. Mariage Parfait (Original Mix)
02. Mariage Parfait (Owain K’s Kiss The Bride Dub)
03. L’ Enfant Terrible (Original Mix)
04. L’ Enfant Terrible (Roberto Dub)

In a world dominated by sugary alco-pops and watered-down lager, Erwin van Moll and Eric de Man have taken a truly refreshing approach. The duo have been brewing up something new and exciting, with a healthy respect for tradition, using only the finest ingredients and vintage equipment.

Mariage parfait

Tangy, extremely refreshing tones. A combination of dark and light elements, that blend smoothly into a ‘perfect marriage’ of flavours. Should appeal to the connoisseur as well as the casual enthusiast. Accessible whilst remaining rather tasteful. A little nostalgic, with a subtle hint of acid in the overall mix.
Interestingly, the makers have likened the citric aftertaste to the experience of “having a small devil urinate on one’s tongue.”
Serving suggestions: Perfect for sunny outdoor (after-)parties and barbecues. Delightful with pretty much anything.

Enfant terrible

Smoky, dark and somewhat heady, with a nice funky after-taste. Initially overwhelming, perhaps, and a little rough around the edges, yet definitely an experience worth repeating. Dry and austere, with hidden depths and slight traces of bootleg liquor, wildebeest and burning vinyl.
The makers describe it as similar to “one of those eccentric parties where you wonder why you showed up, but where you are eventually the last person to leave.”
Serving suggestions: an ideal accompaniment for sushi and rhubarb compote. Best served chilled in dark, atmospheric spaces.

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