A&S ‘Flight to the Moon Revisited’

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A&S Logo PurpleArtist: A&S
Title: Flight to the Moon Revisited
Label: A&S
Cat. #: A&S 009
Format: 12″
Release Date: July 1st 2015
A1 / Reprise 01
A2 / Reprise 02
B1 / Reprise 03
B2 / Reprise 04

Lift-off occurred last November. Their exploration of uncharted worlds about to begin. Now, six months into that very same journey, it’s time for a closer look. A second surge.
When Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search released ‘Flight to the Moon’, their first full- length album together, back in November, they unveiled a record that defied their own notion of techno. A collection of tracks that formed much more than just that: a story that was meant to be told from start to finish.
As such, ‘Flight to the Moon’ wasn’t all that suited for a pick-and-choose approach. It didn’t feature a set of randomly ordered set-friendly tracks and atmospheric fillers. The album wasn’t meant to be a record merely for DJ’s. It was one for those who wanted the experience.
This one though, is different. A&S 009, ‘Flight to the Moon Revisited’, features the raw and uncut translations of some of the original album’s tracks as they were performed during an A&S liveset. Here are four, straight-to-vinyl transformative reworks, ready to be dropped in any set.
If you’ve experienced the original album and wondered what it might sound like if it were to be tuned in such a manner that it could demolish a nightclub, this record is for you.


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