Ashwin Khosa ‘Wolf Of Pine Street’

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MBF 12115Artist: Ashwin Khosa
Title: Wolf Of Pine Street
Label: MBF
Remixer: Oozeundat
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MBF 12115
Release Date: February 9th 2015
1. Peasant
2. König
3. Thanatophile
4. Peasant (Oozeundat Remix)

With Ashwin Khosa we have signed a true MBF artist moving in the footsteps of likes such as Kaiserdisco, Crowdkillers and Alex Costa, but also adding a techno flavor of 2015.
“Peasant” is a baseline powerhouse with mind tingling sounds all strange and accumulating in great peak time moments of “Abfahrt”. This is great cinema.
“König” is equally lively and every second something seems to come in and leave the mix. In the course of the mix it suddenly quietens down but that does not last very long and new sounds drop back in and make the connection to the clubber.
“Thanatophile” starts with a vocal and adds sound exotic enough to sound fresh in DJ sets. A longer vocal quite bizarre and longer and different from the first one appears and shows Ashwin has enough resources to keep the fire burning on a high level.
The Oozeundat remix closes the releases and is pretty close to the original version but involves a more funky baseline.


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